Until the Showa Era(1926-1989) Oi Kaigan was one of Tokyo’s
most prominent hanamachi(geisha districts).
Now the geisha of the combined Oi and Omori distracts are carrying on the
traditions of Japanese dance,shamisen(instruments),
traditional games and Japanese hospitality
in the teahouse style restaurant “Omori Chaya”.
I’m Nami the Okami (the mistress) of Omorichaya.
When you hear “Geisha” or “Ozashiki-Asobi
(Play games with Geisha)”, you may have
the image of the rule like “Ichigen-san Okotowari
(No first time customers;No entry without an introduction)”
or “It may be difficult for beginners”.
At Omorichaya, we have various plans and events
for first time customers and beginners.
Please enjoy your experience with Geisha freely.
You are always welcome at Omorichaya.

Introduce Geisha house of Oi and Omori district

Oi-Omori area has been developed as Hanamachi (Geisha quarter) from the mid-Meiji era. Now there are 4 Okiya(Geisha house) and 20 Geisha registered.